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Thursday November 01, 2012

The students at Rick Marcotte Central School are always demonstrating ways to help others in need.  As part of their community service, the 5th grade students have chosen to become involved in the Burlington Meals on Wheels Program.  With the help of two RMCS coordinators, Melissa Baker and Susan Sobczak, and parent volunteers, the students make deliveries the first Thursday of each month consisting of a hot meal, cold meal, and a handmade craft item. 

Resident Peter Carmolli, executive director of Burlington Meals on Wheels visited the 5th grade class at Rick Marcotte Central School to talk to them about the program and how they could get involved. Peter told the students that “he has been involved in the Meals on Wheels Program longer than they have been alive.”  Peter went on to say that his grandmother received Meals on Wheels.  He said “she got forgetful as she got older, and she would forget about a pot of boiling water.” He went on to explain how getting meals delivered to her helped her stay in her own home instead of going to a hospital or nursing home. The meals that are provided are paid for through donations from private individuals, groups, and businesses. 

As the visit from Mr. Carmolli came to a close, he asked the kids about their favorite meals. The responses included Dad’s homemade mac & cheese, pizza, spaghetti and even tiramisu. Peter told the 5th graders that all the delivered meals are made from scratch. When asked to select a nutritious meal for their next delivery, the students chose macaroni and beef, broccoli, bean medley and pudding.  There are 10 routes with 300 people receiving Meals on Wheels per day.  The meal recipients love to see the young students. Sometimes the volunteers delivering the meals are the only people they see all day. 

Meals on Wheels has allowed people to stay in their own homes by making sure they get food each day. Thanks to the help of  RMCS students, their kindness has really made a difference in the lives of others. This year, Rick Marcotte Central School has chosen to support Burlington Meals on Wheels during their annual Penny Drive fund. The children have already started to contribute to their classroom’s jars. The school’s hope is that with the entire community working together as a team, they can truly make a difference in the lives of others.

SOURCE: Julie Brancato, RMCS PTO