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Samler Announces Candidacy for 2 Year School Board Term

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Thursday February 15, 2018

Tyler Samler, 36, announced his candidacy for the two-year term on the South Burlington School Board. Samler, a South Burlington resident, says he and his wife, Erika, “were excited to put down roots in South Burlington” when they purchased their first home together in 2016. “I hope to become more involved in the community and do my part to help ensure South Burlington has great schools for the children of our neighborhoods,” said Samler. Currently a special educator at the Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington, Samler describes himself as a long-time educator with a passion for teaching and inspiring students.
This will be Samler’s first time on the ballot for a municipal election; however, he notes he has held leadership positions on various committees during his 14 years working in schools. “I believe my firsthand experience working with students, along with my knowledge of the inner-workings of schools make me a great candidate for the position,” said Samler.

Samler grew up in Brandon, Vermont, and attended Northern Vermont University-Johnson where he earned his Master’s in Elementary Education. He has worked as an educator in numerous districts in Vermont. According to Samler, “My exposure to a variety of superintendents, administrators, and school boards has helped shape my current views about how best to support students.”

Samler says he supports the proposed school budget, but would like to see a shift in how money is spent. He adds, “I believe our priority needs to be the students. That’s the bottom line. They’re our future and we need to make certain that they are learning from the best teachers out there.”

Samler stated his concern that “the relationship between teachers and the board has had a negative impact since working conditions were imposed in August of 2017.” He added, “Lately, it seems there has been a lack of communication between this board and the teachers in South Burlington. We must find out what is needed at the ground level.”

“Effective teachers can create a climate of academic rigor, differentiate for struggling learners, and facilitate a nurturing safe space for those who need social/emotional support. The current school board has not made the classroom important. It’s time to change that,” said Samler, adding, “I’m running because I believe supporting our teachers will create a positive feedback loop for our community. They are a vital resource and shouldn’t be brushed aside anymore.”