Meet the cows and tour the UVM barn on Spear Street at Open Farm Sunday.

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Thursday October 06, 2016

500 Spear Street boasts more than an operating farm with 40 milking Holstein and Jersey cows, it is also an original and innovative educational concept within the University of Vermont’s (UVM) Animal Science Department. Called CREAM, which stands for Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management, the farm operation is a student-run dairy herd as well as one of the highest producing and genetically superior herds in Vermont. Sunday, October 9, the community is invited to visit CREAM on Spear Street for Open Farm Sunday as part of Cabot Creamery’s Fall Open House event. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., visitors will be able to learn about the role CREAM plays in making cheddar cheese. There will be activities for the entire family including games and tours of the new barn. Of course, cheese will be featured as well, both in free samples and grilled cheese available from UVM FeelGood, a student-run, non-profit deli.

A group of UVM students began CREAM in 1988 when they came together to lease 18 cows and stalls from the university. The herd eventually expanded to 30 cows and an advisory board was formed. By 1991, CREAM was in a new barn and selling milk to the St. Albans Coop. The student farmers, called CREAMers, are tasked with all the daily milking and stall cleanings.

UVM student Maureen Whitney says, “We handle everything from the chores, to the vet work, to the business side of the dairy, with help from our professor and herdsman.” According to UVM, “CREAM students will leave the program with the skills necessary to excel in his/her chosen field whether that be business management, community development and applied economics, animal science, or biology.”

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