SB Team takes 2nd Place in Monopoly Tourney

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Thursday May 31, 2012

Recently, University Mall’s High School Monopoly Tournament eliminated all but eight students from the original 32 to compete for the grand prize. Ronak Bhagat and Tristan Ohlson of South Burlington High School were two of the eight. The four winning teams returned a week later to  compete on the life-size playing board. After two, 2-hour life-size matches, a team from Essex won the championship. It was a tight match that ended just 35 minutes before the 120-minute time limit expired. The team of Bhagat and Ohlson conceded to the Essex team after landing on the hotel of their New York Avenue.

The event was emceed by ‘Rich Uncle Penny Bags’, aka Bill Moller. University Mall plays Monopoly each May with high school students in grades 9–12.  Students may register in March 2013 to play next year’s game.