Top, L to R: Alex, Ragulan, Gabe, Michael, Bishop, Carl, Sanjani. Bottom, L to R: Sebastian, Mason, Emma, Patrick, Simon C, Luke and Oliver.

SB Well Represented at State Chess Championship

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Thursday April 25, 2013

South Burlington residents and club chess players emerged victorious recently at the 26th John Balch State Chess Championships in Berlin, VT.  Eleven players from The Queen City Chess Club, QC^3, competed, resulting in two state championships and the fourth consecutive kindergarten title for the club.  QC^3 meets weekly, on Saturday mornings from 8:30-10 a.m., in the cafe at Healthy Living. Kids from throughout the region meet at Healthy Living to learn and play the game because they have fun. The benefits to their IQ, creativity, critical reasoning, memory and focus are mere side effects. The inspired art and food are also a boon for participants.
Orchard School had the largest participation with students like Luke Fitzgerald, who won the third grade state title. Liam Slattery finished third in first grade and Simon Cafiero took third in second grade. Michael Cafiero finished fourth in fifth grade with Patrick Slattery in tenth place. Emma Xia finished seventh in kindergarten. She would have finished higher but granted a draw to a weaker player because she did not want to hurt their feelings.

Chamberlin School student Ragulan Sivakumar finished second in the fifth grade despite being unbeaten. He and Michael Cafiero drew their game and Ragulan did not face the eventual winner and finished 1/2 point out of first.

Frederick H Tuttle Middle School also had a strong showing with Gabe Katz, who won the middle level division for the second straight year. This victory includes an invitation to nationals at the Barber Selection in Middleton, Wisconsin. The middle school champion from each state is invited to these elite and prestigious competition. Sajani Sivakumar finished in sixth place.

The South Burlington High School team finished second to Essex, missing the win  by less than a point. Cody Yu tied for second but finished fourth due to tie-breaking rules. Ahmet Akgul tied for fifth along with Michael Cunavelis. Connor O’Tool finished 13th place.
Vermont Commons School student, Eli Hinds, finished third in high school.

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