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Thursday December 03, 2015

The Northeast Regional Open Water Rowing Championship was held November 21 in Boston, Massachusetts. South Burlington High School coaches Chuck Soule and Pat Phillips took 16 crew members to the regatta. Over 250 high school rowers from Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York participated in the day-long event, known as the Icebreaker. SBHS fielded an intermediate 6-oar boat, a novice 6-oar boat, and a novice 4-oar boat.

The Icebreaker Challenge is composed of sprint heats in the morning, followed by a distance challenge later in the day. The crew with the lowest combined total times is named the overall champion in their respective division.

The SBHS novice 6-oar boat, under coxswain Chuck Soule and paced by stroke oar Matt Larrabee, won their first race, won their second race, and captured the sprint championship by having the lowest combined time for all of the teams in their category in the regatta.

The championship crew of the novice 6-oar boat, (L-R) Matt Larrabee, Yumi Lee, Avery Obeng, Madison James, Seth Bendoski, Owen Clear.