The SBHS drama department’s production of Anon(ymous), a contemporary reimaging of Homer’s Odyssey, opens tonight and runs through February 18 at the high school auditorium.

SBHS Presents Anon(ymous)

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Thursday February 16, 2017

The South Burlington High School (SBHS) drama department presents Anon(ymous) directed by Gina Fearn this weekend, at 7 p.m., February 16 through 18. The play, written by the award-winning playwright, Naomi Iizuka, is a modern retelling of Homer’s Odyssey and tells the story of a refugee named Anon who has escaped from his war-torn homeland and comes to America in the hope of finding his family.

SBHS senior Talon Petrosino, cast in the role of Zyclo, describes the play as relevant to current world affairs. He says, “It shows the struggle of refugees and those struggling to find their place in a world that is seemingly cold and unforgiving.”

Director Fearn adds, “People see the pictures on the news of the refugees and take a slight pause and move on. The refugees are ‘anonymous’ and part of the proverbial ‘they’ that is so easy to blame for any given problem. But when you look a person in the eye he/she cannot be anonymous. The person across from you loves and laughs and cries. He/she wants home and safety and freedom just like you. Doing this show is a chance to give voice to that. Art lets you see inside the soul of human beings in a way that news cannot. “

Junior Olivia Steinfeld, who plays Naja, proffers, “I think everyone has found themselves in their characters, one way or another. But I think the show really shows everybody that you’re going to have to go through difficult times in order to reach a brighter and better outcome.”

“The talented SBHS students navigate the complexities of the play with intelligence and grace.
Anon(ymous) personalizes and makes accessible the experiences of immigrants and, despite the hardships of Anon’s journey, it is ultimately a hopeful play,” says Margie Vagt, whose son Seth Vagt-Bendoski plays the role of Ignacio.

Tickets are available at the door and may also be purchased online at