Pictured L to R: Raihan Kabir, Neel Desai, Matt Gilmartin, Vishnu Premsankar 

SBHS Students Offer Cutting Edge Technology Classes to Community

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Thursday February 02, 2012

Einstein once said that “it has become appallingly oblivious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Founding a new nonprofit technology initiative, Tech for Tomorrow, four students at South Burlington High School are closing the gap between technology and the community.

Neel Desai, founder of the organization, was selected to take part in the Meridian International Center’s Youth Leadership Program with Central Europe this past summer, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.  The goal of this opportunity was “to bring together young leaders and adult participants from Hungary, Siberia, Slovakia, and the United States to build cultural bridges and work together to solve community problems.”

Seeded by his lifelong love of technology, Mr. Desai identified the lack of technology education in the community and took action. In association with his peers Raihan Kabir, Matt Gilmartin, and Vishnu Premsankar, the four connoisseurs founded Tech for Tomorrow with a passionate “strive to provide technology education to the community in an effort to facilitate lives, increase productivity, and improve everyday life.”

Tech for Tomorrow offers a variety of classes that are strategically designed to help the community transition into a more efficient lifestyle. Classes, optimized to fit the needs of each individual, consist of the following: Buying a New Computer, Home Media Management, Office Applications 101, Navigating the World Wide Web, Connecting with Friends and Family, and PC to Mac. These free classes are open to the public and will be held in the South Burlington Community Library Conference Room on a weekly basis starting June 28, 2012.

Registration for summer classes is now open. For more information, visit www.tech4tomorrow.org. To register for classes, please go to www.sburlrecdept.com.

SOURCE: Raihan Kabir, SB High School