Sarina Cannizzaro (top left), Kyra Fay (bottom left), Victoria Southwick (top right), and Jack Barron (bottom right) were all recognized as award winners at the CSWD Creative ReUse Showcase. Southwick's piece "Punk Rock" (center) won the Jammin' Junk award.

SBHS Students Win Art Awards at CSWD Creative ReUse Showcase

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Thursday February 21, 2013

South Burlington High School students Sarah Ferry and Alex Groen edged out 28 other entries to win the Best In Show Award in the CSWD Creative ReUse Showcase. Their winning “Put A Cork On It” entry incorporated old Christmas tree stands, discarded PVC pipe, and wine bottle corks to create a stylish and practical table. The students will split a $200 check from NRG Systems, who sponsored the prize.

The 17th annual competition creatively “starved” Vermont’s landfills of cassette tapes, fabric scraps, broken headphones, bottle caps, light bulbs and other waste items which instead became art in the hands of 43 students from seven different high schools.  

Continuing South Burlington High School’s run of awards, Sarina Cannizzaro won the 2-D Awesome Art Award with “Breakfast at Tape-any’s”, a portrait of Audrey Hepburn rendered in cassette tape on poster board. She wins a $100 gift card from Boutilier’s Art Center.

The Jammin’ Junk Award netted SBHS student Victoria Southwick a $100 gift card for “Punk Rock”, an audio speaker decked out with a papier mache mask, leather scraps, and artfully arranged, de-“funked” electronic parts.

The Perfectly Practical Award went to “Computer Chip Chess”, a giant chessboard comprised of computer chips, driftwood, corks, cups, caps, and other scrap, made by SBHS students Jack Barron and Kyra Fay. They split a $100 gift card from Outdoor Gear Exchange.

All of the art will be moving to Frog Hollow, Vermont State Craft Gallery, on Church Street in Burlington for the month of March. SBHS students Kyle Kaseta  (grade 12), Sonny Monteiro (grade 11), Shannon Flaherty (grade 11), Meghan Cleary (grade 11), Sami King (grade 10), Amanda Anderson (grade 10), Will Fretwell (grade10) and Eliana Cohen (grade 11) will also have worked displayed at Frog Hollow. People’s Choice voting will continue for the duration of the Frog Hollow show. All awards will be distributed at the closing ceremony on Thursday, March 28 at 6:30 p.m.

SOURCE:  Chittenden Solid Waste District