(Left) SBHS students in Sinyoung Ra Evans’ Japanese language class win first place for the high school beginner’s level skit contest.  L-R Sydney Ferro, Catherine Sorova, and Jack Zuccareno. (Right) SBHS junior Aidan Seipke took first place in the annual intermediate level speech contest for the high school division.

SBHS Students Win Japanese Speech Contest

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Thursday June 08, 2017

Several students of Japanese at South Burlington High School (SBHS) won awards this spring in the annual speech contest held by the Association of Japanese Language Teachers of Vermont. The SBHS Japanese program has had students participating in the contest since its inception in 2012. The contest participants create original scripts and video clips based on their proficiency levels and contest guidelines.

SBHS junior Aidan Seipke took first place in the 2017 intermediate level for the high school division. This is his second win after winning first place last year in the beginner’s level. Seipke’s video presentation was on the topic of American jazz and featured him playing saxophone along with his explanations of the topic in Japanese.

SBHS senior Catherine Sorova and juniors Sydney Ferro and Jack Zuccareno won first place in the skit contest. The three teamed up to create a script and video clip for the high school beginners level, introducing their favorite things about Japan,.

“It requires a strong commitment for students to complete their scripts and create their video clips to meet the deadlines and enter the contest in a timely manner,” said Sinyoung Ra Evans, Japanese language teacher at SBHS and Champlain College. “Every year, our students have been strongly engaged in this process of applying their language skills to a real communicative task. It is a great pleasure to observe their efforts and achievement year after year.”