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Thursday October 11, 2012

SB High School senior Christie Kershaw has always had a passion for helping animals, so the volunteer opportunities at the Humane Society of Chittenden County in South Burlington were perfect for her. As a dedicated volunteer, Ms. Kershaw helps out every Sunday at the Humane Society and has been doing so for a little over a year.

Ms. Kershaw’s volunteer duties include morning animal care (M.A.C.) and cat and small animal socialization. For M.A.C., she comes in the morning to clean the cages and rooms of the cats and small animals who are living at the shelter. For socialization, she spends one-on-one time with shy animals to get them more comfortable around people so they are more likely to get adopted.

Ms. Kershaw also works with other volunteers to take care of the animals at the shelter as a team. They give the animals fresh food and water, change their linens, and clean their litter. The volunteers also check for any signs of sickness in the animals and note if anything seems to be out of the ordinary with them. If the animals are lacking socialization or just really want to get out of their cages, Ms. Kershaw and the others take them into a larger room to let them explore and spend quality time with them.

Ms. Kershaw explained that she does not have any pets at home, and so her volunteer work allows her to spend time with animals.  She has a lot of good from volunteering at the shelter: watching the kittens climb up the sides of their cages, tumble down, and start climbing up again; meeting people who share the same interests as she does; and creating new friendships. The positives of working at the Humane Society, reflected Ms. Kershaw, are that you get to help out the animals.  The only negatives, she reflected, are “seeing the animals that you’ve become attached to get adopted, but you know that they’re going to a good home, so that makes it easier.”

(To volunteer and/or donate to the Humane Society, please visit for more details.)

SOURCE: Felicia Le, CDC Correspondent