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Thursday September 19, 2013

 Attempted Fraud and Impersonation  of a Public Official

The South Burlington Police Department has released the following information about an attempted fraud in order to warn members of the public regarding a particular kind of fraud scheme.

On September 9, 2013, a South Burlington police officer received two separate complaints from two individuals in the City of South Burlington who advised they had been contacted by a male subject claiming to be a United States District Court Clerk in the “Warrants Division”.  No such division exists.
The imposter US District Court Clerk advised both complainants they had committed offenses in the State of Vermont and had outstanding warrants which could be remedied if they immediately procured Wal-Mart MoneyPak payments for $325.

South Burlington Police contacted the United States Marshal Service, asked if there was any legitimacy to these claims, and found there was apparently none.  South Burlington Police then contacted the imposter court clerk and confronted him.  The subject admitted they are not affiliated with the United States District Court in any way, this is a “hustle”, and advised they are “17 steps ahead of the police”.  

South Burlington Police warns that no law enforcement agency will ask for payments over the phone to deactivate warrants.   Anyone who receives calls of this nature should contact their local police department.