South Burlington students Siddhant Nazre (left) and Phinn Clason (right) played soldiers in The Schoolhouse production of “Golden Apple/Wooden Horse”, which took place February 21.

Schoolhouse Students Bring A Greek Tragedy to Life

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Thursday January 01, 1970

Five South Burlington students—among them Siddhant Nazre, Ava Buczek, Phinn Clason, and Maitri Galloway Mellichar—took part in “Golden Apple/Wooden Horse”, an original play by Shoshannah Boray, which offered a creative twist on several well-known Greek tales – Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and Aeschylus’ The Trojan Horse.  Boray, who directed the production, explained “I took some Greek myths and some classic Greek literature, mixed it all up and came out with a children’s peace play.  You might call it a Greek myth in a tux.”

As is the Schoolhouse tradition, every elementary student was cast in a role and parent volunteers created the sets, costumes and props. 

SOURCE: The Schoolhouse