Girls’ Mentor Group leaders (top L-R: Sadie Jones, Rachel Norotsky, Allison Norotsky, Sara Kunin, Noa Saunders Elise Turner; bottom L-R: Meredith Mason, Chelsea Wright; not pictured: Ke’ala Brosseau, Sara O’Rourke

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Thursday February 04, 2016

A fun and unique group for girls has been meeting for a few weeks at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School (FHTMS). The group, led by FHTMS guidance counselor Caryn Olivetti, consists of South Burlington High School students working through the school’s Career Development Center. On Wednesdays after school, these student leaders meet with sixth through eighth grade girls at FHTMS where they mentor the younger students from a high school perspective, forming close bonds with each other.

The mentors work hard to make sure that they provide activities every time the group meets. The girls and mentors share stories about their weekends, and interact with each other by asking each other many questions. The younger students play games that teach them to work together and connect with each other. Snacks are always provided, and the girls have time to complete their homework as well.

One of the main purposes of the group is to give the younger girls an idea of what high school is like, and prepare them for the road ahead. “Having older girls mentoring the younger girls will help prepare them for high school,” mentor Sara Kunin says. The older girls will address any concerns the younger girls have. This will help them feel more confident when the time comes for them to move on.

The high school mentors have also formed close friendships with each other while working together on this school project. “We all laughed and faced challenges together, and in the end it brought us all closer together,” mentor Chelsea Wright says.

SOURCE: Peyton Coel, SBHS CDC Correspondent