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Thursday June 06, 2013

Michael Dickhaut, a junior at South Burlington High School, is building a shed for the SBHS Rebel Roots program as his Eagle Scout project. Michael has chosen to complete the gardening shed in collaboration with, and on behalf of, the SBHS Rebel Roots program. Rebel Roots is a sustainable agriculture group that plants, maintains, and harvests the garden at the high school, providing food for use in the school cafeteria. Michael has described the project as a great opportunity to finish his Eagle Scout project as well as an ideal way for the Rebel Roots program to get a new shed. Michael hopes to complete the shed by early autumn. 

Rebel Roots program advisor, Erin Randall-Mullins, has expressed her excitement that Michael has decided to dedicate his Eagle project to help the school’s garden. “Now that we have the sustainable foods program, we can get a lot more done than when it was just a volunteer, after-school activity,” she said. “The program has given structure and organization to get lots of things done. Raising money and designing and building the shed is a bigger project than we would have been able to do this year. I’m glad that he has taken the initiative to do it for us.”

Michael has been involved in scouting for ten years, starting out with the cub scouts and then progressing to the boy scouts, where he was a scribe in the troop for several years. He attained the position of senior patrol leader, which he held for four years.. To qualify as an Eagle Scout, one must first complete the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life. The first four ranks serve as an introduction to scouting, where skills such as first aid and knot-tying are learned. Merit badges are introduced within the Star, Life, and Eagle ranks. In order to apply for the Eagle Scout rank, all other ranks must have been completed and a minimum of twenty-one merit badges obtained. The Eagle scout project serves as a way for individual scouts to demonstrate leadership and other skills that they have learned throughout their scouting career, as well as achieving something beneficial for the community. Michael is working on his project with the guidance of Scoutmaster Richard Dickhaut and Assistant Scoutmaster Steve Rambur of Troop 611, South Burlington.

Michael has submitted his proposal to the Green Mountain (Boy Scout) Council. Once the proposal is accepted, he will begin construction of the shed where Rebel Roots will store the supplies that are currently being housed in a room in the school. He plans to build the shed behind the high school building, next to the garden. 

Michael is calling on the South Burlington community, Eagle Scouts, and Boy Scout alumni to consider making donations to help him fund his Eagle Scout project for Rebel Roots. As part of his fundraising efforts, Michael is coordinating a bottle drive on June 9th in the high school parking lot for people to bring in plastic bottles. He will use the proceeds from this drive for the project. Donations of any size would be greatly appreciated. Checks can be made out to Erin Randall-Mullins for the Rebel Roots Gardens. For more information, please contact [contact info for Michael]