“Impressions of Punk” Collection by Wendy Farrell: left to right, Ayse Bayar, Arisia Huff, Alexa Luthor, Sarah Greenberg. photo: Paula Murakami

SEABA Strut Fashion Show Features South Burlington Designer

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Thursday September 19, 2013

The South End Art Hop’s STRUT Fashion Show featured a collection by resident Wendy Farrell, whose designs were hailed as outstanding by those who attended this year’s event on September 7th. Farrell garnered rave reviews for her “Impressions of Punk” Collection in STRUT 2013. Farrell said the collection was inspired by trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, which featured both an  Impressionist and a Punk fashion exhibit in the spring. 

Farrell has won numerous awards for costuming, but only recently started designing and making couture collections.  Creating fashion and costuming of all kinds has been a lifelong passion for Farrell, better known as “Wonder Wendy”.  When she was little, she had a large box of old clothes to use for play and pretend.  At the age of ten, she began sewing under her mother’s watchful eye.  Over the decades which followed, Farrell continued to sew using commercial patterns and making mainstream ready to wear clothing.

That all changed a couple of years ago when “Wonder” began sewing without commercial patterns.  Last year, she designed an award winning fashion folio for an International Costumer’s Guild fashion competition and created a fashion collection for the 2012 South End Art Hop STRUT fashion show. 

Recently, Wonder Wendy’s costumes were featured in the Flynn Center Summer Arts production of “Into the Woods” and Orchard School’s presentation of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

What’s next for Farrell?  “I would love to be on Project Runway,” she said laughing.  Her friends are quick to agree that the vivacious redhead would be a wonderful addition to the cast of the fashion reality show.