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Thursday January 21, 2016

Chris Shaw is seeking re-election for a 3-year city council term. He will work to continue the positive progress made by council over the last three years.

“We’ve fulfilled most of the promises and goals I set myself back then,” Chris offered. He noted the hiring of the city manager, the preservation of an elected city clerk, extending the lease for Cairns Arena, the reinvestment in basic city services (paving and police), rebuilding the city’s standing and relationships, and forging new private-public partnerships that benefit everyone.

“I’d like to keep the ball rolling in the right direction and plan for the challenges ahead,” he continued. “There is a lot of work left to do.”

He cited two important concerns. First, the ongoing work of the Chamberlin Neighborhood Airport Planning Commission as a step to protect the exposed neighborhood. Next, City Center planning is moving into a crucial phase where partnerships can help make the community vision into an affordable reality. “Both issues are vital pieces for how our city will work, look and live over the next 40 years,” Shaw projected.

He feels that his 16 years of service through the Natural Resources Committee, planning commission, Board of Civil Authority and city council have made him the best candidate to help advocate for and guide good outcomes.

Shaw defines service as the main role of local government. He reminds city staff that all residents are customers and deserve the best service for their taxes/fees. He sees the second aspect of “service” as “public service” – meaning that all decisions of council and the city should be for the greater good, and not based on self-interest or promotion.

Chris has worked hard to bring South Burlington back on track and restore its proud tradition. By refocusing on the city’s relationships (internal/external) and its basic functions, he believes the right priorities have been set. He remains firmly focused on public safety. He has also worked to restore our financial stability with attention to required reserves. Most excitingly, the process of private-public partnerships that he advocated for has already resulted in a paved Market St, a CityFest 150 celebration, a needed facelift of City Hall (thank you, SB Rotary!), an upcoming Mozart Festival this summer, and occupancy of the Wheeler Homestead by valued local organizations (Common Roots, Friends of SB Library). These partnerships deliver a great sense of community and can lead to future improvements or amenities, especially as the plan for a library and City Center move forward.

Shaw is proud of his record and efforts. He is determined and enthusiastic to provide a better community. Chris thanks you for your past confidence and asks for your support again on Tuesday, March 1.