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Thursday June 04, 2015

Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School seventh grader Ragulan Sivakumar placed tenth in the 22nd Annual Mathematics Talent Search sponsored by the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition. This is a significant achievement since Sivakumar only submitted three of the four tests, yet his combined score was high enough to place him in the top ten.

Jean Ohlson, Mathematics Teacher at South Burlington High School and Chair of the Coalition’s Talent Search, introduced the top winners during a dinner at Sunset Ballroom on April 28. Deputy Secretary of Education, Amy Fowler praised the students in her remarks and encouraged their continuance of the study of mathematics.

The winners of the competition received graphing calculators or software from Texas Instruments. In addition, they are all invited to be a part of the team of 15 representing Vermont in the annual American Region Mathematics League competition at Penn State University on May 29-30, and many will be attending the Governor’s Institute in the Mathematical Sciences, which the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition operates at the University of Vermont (UVM) in June.

Sivakumar also placed at UVM’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics 56th Annual High School Prize Examination in Mathematics held in March of this year. He came in seventh statewide.