South Burlington Named Semifinalist for $5 Million Prize!Kickoff Party ~ Saturday, January 24

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Tuesday December 30, 2014

The City of South Burlington is moving on to the semifinal round of the GeorgetownUniversity Energy Prize competition. The semifinalists, including South Burlington and two other communities from Vermont, will all be in the running for the grand prize of $5 million. These small cities from around the nation will compete in 2015 through 2016 to see which can show the greatest electricity and natural gas use reductions in their residential, school, and municipal sectors. Energy use in these communities in 2013 and 2014 will serve as a baseline for comparison.

South Burlington will be vying for one of ten finalist spots to be announced in early 2017. The finalists will complete reports on lessons learned and project ideas that can be shared with communities across the country. The ultimate goal of the competition is to reduce the impacts of energy use on the environment and on the economy by spurring the creation of innovative and replicable programs.

The South Burlington Energy Committee is coordinating the city’s activities and is actively encouraging all members of the community to participate in the competition.

They are seeking input from citizens, volunteers for projects and activities; donations of goods, services, and money for projects; residential, school, and municipal improvements in energy conservation and efficiency, everything from insulation to better light bulbs to efficient appliances and projects that switch to renewable resources such as home solar panels or community solar arrays.

“The two year competition is a Win Win Win proposition” said co coordinators Keith Epstein and Don Cummings of the Energy Committee. “The City, its schools, and its residents will all save a tremendous amount of money on energy use, and that money will stay in the local economy. We’ll also dramatically reduce our impacts on the environment. And last, but not least, the competition will be a great way to build community spirit and connections. We think everyone will not only see concrete benefits but also have a lot of fun.”

For more information, you can visit the South Burlington Energy Prize web site and Facebook page Stay tuned for the details of South Burlington’s big Kickoff Party on Saturday, January 24, 2015. So get psyched, get involved, and be part of the quest for energy savings and $5 million dollars!