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Thursday November 10, 2016

City Article I – Passed

The affirmative vote for Article I, the first public vote on the City Center Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District, gives authorization to the city to incur up to $5 million in debt to complete two projects: the reconstruction of Market Street as a downtown street from Dorset Street to Hinesburg Road, and the development of a City Center Park, on the Dumont parcel. The vote officially establishes the TIF District and initiates collection of incremental taxes from existing City Center development such as Pier One, Trader Joe’s, and new housing at Market Street and Hinesburg Road to help repay the debt. Construction is set to begin in 2017.

Champlain Water District Articles I, II, III - Passed

Voters authorized the publicly elected CWD Board of Water Commissioners to borrow up to $6,250,000 to finance the district’s cost of making certain public water system improvements. These improvements are for three separate projects. The first is the construction of a 600,000-gallon water storage tank in Williston. The second is the construction of a redundant chlorine contact tank and expanded filtered water wet well at the treatment plant site. The third is the reallocation of previously approved and unexpended bond proceeds for financing the cost of making transmission line improvements.

City Sets Record for Voter Turnout

81.26 %* of Active Voters Cast Ballots *Based on 13,023 active voters

South Burlington polling locations saw a steady stream of voters on Tuesday, November 8, as residents cast their votes for candidates from the White House to the State House. This was the highest turnout ever for the city, according to South Burlington City Clerk Donna Kinville. “The city is growing, so we would expect the numbers to increase, but we beat 2008’s numbers by 587, which was the previous highest voter turnout with 9,995. In 2012, we had 9,497 voters turn out and we beat that today by 1,085 voters,” she said.

South Burlington voters cast their ballots in advance of Election Day in record numbers as well, topping the early voting by absentee ballot numbers of any previous year. Early voters had submitted 3,827 absentee ballots to the city clerk’s office by the close of day on Monday, November 7.

In total, 10,582 ballots were cast in this election. There are 13,947 registered voters in the city, 13,023 are considered active voters. Close to a thousand people are on an “inactive voter list” because they have not voted in many years or have sold their property.

How Did South Burlington Vote?

On the local level, South Burlington voted in favor of the TIF Bond. Out of 9,615 voters weighing in on Article I, 6,033 voted Yes. The Champlain Water District articles all passed with approximately 75% voting Yes.

In the only contested race for State Representative, incumbent Ann Pugh was re-elected to District 7-2 with 1,669 votes. Challenger for District 7-2 Sam Handy received 1,197 votes. Martin LaLonde – District 7-1 (2,126 votes), Helen Head – District 7-3 (2,063 votes), and Maida Townsend – District 7-4 (1,932 votes) ran uncontested in this election and will return to Montpelier for another term.

South Burlington citizens cast votes for the eight Chittenden County candidates running for the State Senate. The six senators elected by Chittenden County voters are highlighted in bold.

State Senator

Ashe* 6,099
Baruth* 5,181
Gifford 3,636
Ingram* 5,669
Licata 2,317
Lyons* 5,632
Pearson* 4,153
Sirotkin* 6,030


Clinton/Kaine** 7,246
De LFuente/Steinberg 19
Johnson/Weld 322
Lariva/Puryear 4
Stein/Baraka 196
Trump/Pence* 2,059

US Senator

Diamondstone 101
Ericson 208
Leahy* 7,360
Milne 2,552
Trudell 111

Representative to Congress

Clawson 692
Welch* 9,005


Lee 185
Minter 5,586
Scott* 4,609

Lieutant Governor

Brock 3,869
Wardinski 154
Zuckerman* 6,011

State Treasurer

Ngoima 217
Pearce* 7,369
Schramm 1,397

Secretary of State

Condos* 8,689
Herbert 714

Auditor of Accounts

Brown 301
Feliciano 3,030
Hoffer* 6,081

High Baliff

Gamelin 8,112

* Candidate elected to office
**Clinton wins Vermont, Trump elected President
Election results were provided by South Burlington City Clerk