Cynthia Tan, Intermediate Teacher, Chamberlin School and Martina Lemm, World Languages Teacher, FHTMS have clocked 30 years of service - just one of many awards and recognition during South Burlington's 2017 Convocation.

South Burlington School District Convocation 2017

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Thursday September 07, 2017

The South Burlington School District (SBSD) began their new year with a district wide convocation August 25 welcoming faculty and staff. Special awards and recognitions were announced as well as acknowledgement for those who have hit milestones in their years of service to the district.

Lamphere Honored with Ted Manazir Award

Leigh Lamphere, SBSD’s School’s Out Director, is the recipient of the 2017 Ted Manazir Award. Named after Ted Manazir, a long time school board member and student advocate, the award recognizes individuals for distinction in their innovation, creativity, initiative, leadership, and resourcefulness and who, as a result, exceed expectations in moving the SBSD Ends Policy forward.

Lamphere was recognized for developing and maintaining a “sustainable and exceptional After School Program throughout the district” as well as creating a “Kindergarten Space that has a more developmental design for our youngest students.”

In addition, Lamphere was recognized for providing enrichment activities for the after-school, vacation, and summer programs, as well as working extensively with teachers, school counselors, and administrators to help families get them into our after-school program. Lamphere also worked with sustainability projects and successfully source-funded a mini-school bus to transport students to local gardens.

O’Brien Recipient of the Dominick Marabella Support Staff Award

The Dominick Marabella Support Staff Award is given annually to honor a SBSD employee who exemplifies Marabella’s love for students, outstanding work ethic, and dedication to peers and community. This year’s recipient was Susan O’Brien, an administrative assistant at Orchard School. Described as naturally joyful, O’Brien was recognized for greeting everyone with a smile and, according to Orchard Principal Mark Trifilio, every school day helping 400 students, their families, 70 staff members, and the school’s bus drivers.

In presenting the award, Trifilio remarked, “I have never known Sue to be comfortable with public accolades, but today she is just going to have to figure this out. I am so proud we are presenting Sue with this award today since she is very deserving of it.”

“School secretary? Administrative assistant? Those titles sound simple. But we all know there is nothing easy about them,” said Trifilio. “I am always telling a parent, ‘Let’s check with Sue and Allyson – they really do know everything.’ Anytime we ask, she is up and out of the office to help find a solution or assist a student. She is the gatekeeper for our front door.”

Trifilio added, “On a personal note, Sue has always provided me with sound advice, as well as positive encouragement; she is always filling my bucket and the buckets of those around her.” He closed with, “The Orchard staff wants us all to give Sue O’Brien a big hand of applause for receiving the Dom Mirabella award today.”

Watkin Honored as SBHS Teacher of the Year

South Burlington High School (SBHS) Principal Patrick Burke gave the award for Teacher of the Year to SBHS social studies teacher Kim Watkin. He remarked, “Our teacher of the year excels in designing instruction in a way that reaches all students, has a keen awareness of different learning styles, and designs their lessons and assessments in a manner which sets all their students up for success.”

In announcing the award, Burke noted that the community lost an important person “when legendary South Burlington educator and humanitarian E. Anne Corley passed away.” He said, “Anne led a life of service and was a champion of the underdog. She had a distinguished teaching career of 34 years where she sought out those students who were falling through the cracks and lifted them up. She taught students how to believe in themselves. Our Teacher of the Year is a person who carries on Ms. Corley’s legacy of teaching excellence while also serving the community. Like Ms. Corley this person is lifts up all of their students by refusing to let them get by with minimal effort.”

Noting Watkin’s award, Burke added, “To stand out at SBHS is an amazing accomplishment. Yet few ever feel they deserve the honor. This is because, like Ms. Corley, SBHS teachers see their role in our school and community as extending well beyond the classroom”

Dall Named UVM Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Chamberlin School Principal Holly Rouelle announced that Jane Dall, Chamberlin’s reading recovery/literacy teacher, is the UVM Outstanding Teacher for 2017. Rouelle said, “Jane is a person deeply connected to our South Burlington community, having been a resident for 25 years, a parent to five SBSD graduates and working at Chamberlin since 1990, first as an instructional assistant in the Early Essential Education preschool program, as a long-term substitute fifth grade teacher, as an instructional assistant for Title 1 services, as a first grade teacher, and as a reading teacher specializing in Reading Recovery and Leveled Literacy Instruction.”

In her nomination letter, Denise Parker, Chamberlin fifth grade teacher, wrote, “Jane Dall works hard to develop rapport with all of her students. You can tell that she knows them as a student, but more importantly, as a person. She is there to lend a hand to the kid who can’t get organized at the end of the day. She is there to offer an incentive game to a kid for having a good week. She is there to support a child who wants to participate in a school event but wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Chamberlin media specialist Cally Flickinger said, “Jane brings compassion and understanding to everything she does. She teaches with rigor and has high expectations for her students. Every spare minute she has she gives to our kids. She is endlessly helping everybody in every way she can. She always finds time for you as a staff member and as a friend. She loves our kids and our families and she is so proud of her students.”

In regard to Dall’s accomplishments, Chamberlin third grade teacher Kathy Buley added, “She quietly goes about her day doing extraordinary things.”

“While she is truly a master reading teacher who gets results when working with our students, what I love and respect most about Jane is her advocacy for our underdog students,” said Rouelle. She adds, “Jane’s story is one of continual commitment and dedication to her family, her district, and her community.”


30 Years of Service
Cynthia Tan, Intermediate Teacher, Chamberlin School
Martina Lemm, World Languages Teacher, FHTMS

20 Years of Service
Lynn Amey, Family & Consumer Science Teacher, SBHS
Lolly Bliss, Intermediate Teacher, RMCS
Patrick Burke, Principal, SBHS
Kara Cassani, Nurse, Orchard School
Joanne Godek, Director of Student Support Services, SBSD
Sarah Meisenzahl, Social Studies Teacher, FHTMS
Kathy Nasab, Transportation Assistant, SBSD
Caryn Olivetti, Guidance Counselor, FHTMS
Christopher Towle, Science Teacher, FHTMS
Timothy Wile, Guidance Director, SBHS

10 Years of Service
Jacqueline Bennett, Nutritional Services, SBHS
Gretchen Besio, Interventionist. SBHS
Peggy Campagna, Paraeducator, Chamberlin School
Sinyoung Evans, World Language Teacher, SBHS
Virginia Grace, Special Education Teacher, RMCS
Suzanne Grocki, Interventionist, Orchard School
Jeffrey Hagstrom, Mathematics Teacher, SBHS
Abby Klein, Primary Teacher, Orchard School
Girma Meskelle, Recess Assistant, RMCS
Erin Needham, Technology Education Teacher, SBHS/FHTMS
Darcy Newman, Interventionist, RMCS
Missy Pidgeon, Payroll Coordinator, SBSD
Paula Poquette, Transportation Services, SBSD
Maryanne Routhier, Primary Teacher, Chamberlin School
Jeremy Rushford, Grounds Supervisor, SBSD
Cecelia Seipke, Interventionist, SBHS
Charles Soule, Guidance Counselor, SBHS
Heather White, Library/Media Technician, SBHS