Right: FHTMS fifth and sixth grade spelling team; Left: FHTMS seventh and eighth grade spelling team.

Spelling Teams Take First in Regionals

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Thursday November 17, 2016

Two teams from the Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School (FHTMS) won the regional spelling competition recently held at the middle school. Eight school districts were represented in the regional spell-off. FHTMS spelling coach, Edith Ainsley, was delighted with the teams’ demeanor and presence at the meet, saying, “The kids were supportive of each other and spoke like seasoned spellers! I was very proud of them.”

The FHTMS grades five and six team prevailed over four other teams by 14 points, missing only four words out of 80. Team members include sixth graders Saksham Bardhwaj, Tanmayi Nazre, and Nate Hasenecz along with fifth graders Hammad Ali, Trent Biaza, and Elise Serpico. Despite the newness of the group, Ainsley reported, “They rocked with a total of 136 points!”

The veteran FHTMS seventh and eighth grade team had equally impressive results. With only five team members, the pressure was on each student to participate in multiple rounds. They won by 10 points over three other teams after a nail-biting first half where they were neck and neck with a team from Barre. One team parent enthused, “It was as though all of a sudden they took off.” Team members include seventh graders Hiba Ali and Liam Maloney along with eighth graders Andrew Kim, Shayna Larrow, and Colin Belisle.

Both middle school teams will compete at the state championships November 19 in Northfield.