Mehul Shah, South Burlington High School sophomore and dedicated Career Development Center member

Standout Student Mehul Shah

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Thursday April 30, 2015

South Burlington High School sophomore Mehul Shah, a dedicated member of the Career Development Center (CDC), has begun a new project. He is sharing what he learned while being a part of the CDC with eighth graders at Frederick Tuttle Middle School. Shah says that the reason he has undertaken this project is, “I want them to know that volunteering, mentoring, and internships are great ways to make connections and friends, and that they can volunteer during the summer after eighth grade and receive community service credit towards their freshman year.”

Shah has learned that in addition to being a great way to meet new people who share the same interests, community service is a factor that colleges consider when evaluating potential students. He believes that students should especially be aware that this community service can go on their transcripts. Shah adds, “The sooner, the better. By presenting opportunities early, students don’t try to cram them into the last few years of high school.”

Shah is spreading his ideas by preparing a power point presentation of opportunities in the CDC, such as volunteering possibilities, positions open for next year in the office, internship ideas, and different events that the CDC hosts. Shah plans to present this information to eighth graders because he has learned a lot from the Career Development Center and hopes to share what he has learned to help younger students.

SOURCE: Maddie Weaver-Nolting ‘15, SBHS CDC Correspondent