SBHS junior Sabina Latifovic (L) and senior Emily Camardo (R) represent the student body at District School Board meetings

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Sabina Latifovic has been involved with numerous activities since she entered SBHS. Her pursuits have included being Co-chair of the Congo Leadership Initiative (first HS chapter in U.S.), French Club president, Junior Class Sec., Key Club, Coalition for Community Service Work, and a HS Journalist for The Other Paper - CDC correspondent. 

She has been on the Student Council since she was a freshman, “so I knew that every year a junior is elected to the school board (along with the returning senior). One of the reasons I signed up for Student Council in the first place was because I wanted to be a part of a group that represents all of the students and makes changes that benefit everyone and being a school board rep seemed like a great opportunity to see how the big decisions that directly impact not just the students at SBHS but the entire district as well are made” Latifovic said.

“The selection process this year was actually really interesting, because every junior in the Student Council who was at the nomination meeting was nominated, so there were five of us running for one spot. We gave short speeches to the council about why they should vote for us which was pretty nerve-wracking, since the other four students were all highly qualified for the position” Latifovic recalled.
“I hope to be able to bring the students’ perspective on important issues to the board when necessary, and to be able to represent my classmates’ interests when I can. I’m looking forward to learning about what goes on “behind the scenes” and how issues are resolved, and also the process for getting important tasks done.”  

Laftovic joins current student school board rep, senior Emily Camardo.  Camardo offers the perspective of a student involved in many varied activities at SBHS.  She is president of the student council, president of the Coalition for Community Service, VP of Key Club, is involved with field hockey and lacrosse, and is a volunteer for the Career Development Center (CDC).  Next year, she hopes to be a math major at her first choice school, the University of Maryland