Lucas, 6, shows tomatoes while Ezra, 7, explains about pigs, at the annual Science display at the Schoolhouse Learning Center in South Burlington.

Students Learn at Annual Science Display

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Thursday December 12, 2013

Did you know that a goat can produce 375 gallons of milk in a year? That’s over a gallon of milk per day per goat!  Or that herding dogs are bred to be able to run over 100 miles every day?  No wonder border collies have so much energy!

This is just some of the information The Schoolhouse preK through 5th grade students shared at the annual Science display Friday, November 22.  This year, the school showcased students’ research projects on 30 Vermont agriculture topics including aquaculture, bees, ancient Vermont agriculture and more. 

“Tomatoes grow from seeds that grow into plants. When the tomatoes get big you can slice them open and eat them,” Lucas Comtois, 6, of South Burlington informed visitors to his display.

“Most pigs aren’t really pink- most of them are brown and black with spots,” reported Ezra Fastman, 7, of South Burlington at his display on pigs.

The topic of Vermont agriculture integrates research with the students’ experiences in the Schoolhouse’s new Farm, Food, Forest program.