Emily Camardo and Avni Nahar

Students Rise to the CDC Senior Challenge

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Thursday January 10, 2013

Two SBHS seniors have stepped up to the challenge—the Career Development Center Senior Challenge, that is. Both Emily Camardo and Avni Nahar have decided to take on the Senior Challenge, which is offered to juniors and seniors and gives students the chance to design a project in an area they’re interested in.

Camardo will study a geometric structure called arbelos and provide various proofs about it, while Nahar’s project will be a resource guide for students interested in running a special event or fundraiser, with specific instructions on how to organize a community blood drive. Nahar says she chose the blood drive so she could use her experience to, “Help others who are interested in running similar events.”

Camardo, who selected the math route because she would like to study mathematics in college, believes that her project is a great way, “To learn how to write a mathematics paper, and get exposure to a different kind of math.”
Both Nahar and Camardo have gained valuable skills from their experience so far. Camardo says the challenge has helped her to work more independently and to manage her time, and she has even learned a different style of writing proofs. For Nahar, the challenge has also helped her to become more independent, and has increased her confidence by teaching her to work on a schedule. “[I’ve] learned about working closely with a mentor and responding to feedback quickly and effectively,” she says.

Senior Challenges involve a higher level of writing and a commitment of at least 45 hours. Students who choose to participate are matched with a mentor in the field they’re pursuing, and the project culminates in a demonstration of the student’s work to a group that includes peers and community members.

Both girls are already very active in the school and the community, and their passion and drive have paid off. Nahar recommends taking on a Senior Challenge to other students who have a specific interest, or would like to go above and beyond the traditional curriculum. “It is a rewarding and exciting experience to be in charge of an independent study completely driven by your own passion,”  she says.


SOURCE: Sabina Latifovi, SBHS CDC Correspondent