Sajani Sivakumar(L), and Ananth Malladi 

Students Win Mathematics Talent Search

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Thursday May 26, 2016

Ragulan Sivakumar, Ananth Malladi, and Sajani Sivakumar were among the ten winners of the 23rd Annual Mathematics Talent Search sponsored by the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition. The ceremony, held in April, was attended by parents, teachers, and UVM Mathematics Professor Chris Danforth. Coalition Director Jean McKenny presented the winning students with certificates to access sophisticated Texas Instruments calculator software.

Placing fifth in the competition was Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School eighth grader Ragulan Sivakumar, who last year placed tenth. South Burlington High School (SBHS) sophomore Ananth Malladi placed seventh and SBHS junior Sajani Sivakumar placed ninth. SBHS mathematics teacher Jean Ohlson is administrator of the Annual Mathematics Talent Search, which was conceived by retired Burlington High School mathematics teacher Tony Trono.

All the winners are invited to be a part of the team representing Vermont in the annual American Region Mathematics League competition held at Penn State University June 3 and 4. In addition, all winners, who are not high school seniors, are invited to attend, tuition-free, the 2016 Governor’s Institute in Mathematical Sciences held at the University of Vermont June 19-24.