Szymanski Park was named after retiring City Manager William  Szymanski in 1989. Photo to right, L-R: former Recreation Director Bruce O’Neill, former City Manager Bill Szymanski, former City Manager Charles Hafter.

Szymanski Park

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Thursday July 09, 2015

This 20-acre park located in the south end of the city has many amenities to offer and something for park lovers of all ages. Children can play on the playground while teens shoot hoops on the basketball court and parents try their hand at tennis. The tennis courts are also lined for Pickle Ball.

Szymanski Park is a permitted park; field and open space is available for use by organized groups. Access this park off Route 7, just past the McDonald’s, turn left onto Imperial Drive, then take the first left onto Worth Street, then right onto Andrews Avenue. Szymanski Park is at the end of Andrews Avenue.

The property now known as Szymanski Park was originally referred to as the Potter/Knowland/Stonehedge Property and was acquired through a land swap along with federal funding through the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. The local share was just over $22,000 back in 1982, about 10% of the $227,105 total cost of acquisition and development. Part of the property was designed to remain as an open field play area for neighborhood children and families to utilize, and remains so to this day. Basketball courts and the Recreation Path connection have been added since the original development.

The park was named for former City Manager Bill Szymanksi, who retired in 1989 after twenty two years of service to the City of South Burlington. Recreation Director Bill O’Neill paid tribute to the long time city employee in his 1988-1989 director’s report, saying “Bill was always very supportive of the Recreation Department, our committees and the many volunteers and paid workers that have been with us since 1972. He helped us to get the financial resources we needed, the staff necessary to do the job, and supported us at every opportunity.”

Today, O’Neill still reflects on Szymanksi’s dedication, noting that, “He played major roles in virtually every park site acquisition at that time.”

Szymanski Park Amenities

• Basketball Court
• 2 Lighted Tennis Courts
• Pickle Ball Lines on Tennis Courts
• Open Field Space
• Playground
• Picnic Area
• Access to Rec Path and Pedestrian Trails
• Parking