South Burlington High School volunteer ticket sellers for the Take Flight raffle in support of the Gary D. Iverson Scholarship. Kailei Eustis, class of 2019, created the winning entry in the official raffle poster contest.

Take Flight Raffle for SBHS Iverson Scholarship

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Thursday February 09, 2017

What happens when you combine the natural exuberance of high school students with the life experience and optimism of alumni 50 years their senior in an effort to “pay it forward” for the next generation of South Burlington High School (SBHS) students? You get an exciting chance to participate in a one-time raffle with an everyone wins scenario. The SBHS Class of 1967, in honor of its upcoming 50th reunion, announces the official launch of a raffle to raise funds and awareness for the Gary D. Iverson Scholarship awarded each year at SBHS graduation.

The scholarship was instituted in the early 1980s by several friends and classmates of Iverson, who was a beloved SBHS teacher and coach of track and football before his untimely passing in 1980. The endowment for the scholarship has benefitted over the years by generous additions from the class of ‘67 at its major reunions, a campaign in 2007 conducted by Iverson’s friends who reinvigorated the scholarship, and, more recently, from the class of ‘74 in conjunction with its 40th reunion.

The long-term winners of this raffle effort are the generations of SBHS students to come, who can be assured of the continuity of the Gary D. Iverson Scholarship that honors, in each graduating class, a student who exemplifies a winning blend of work ethic, excellence, and concern for others. This year’s recipient will be named in a surprise presentation at the June 16 graduation.

The next set of winners in this year’s raffle are members of the extended South Burlington community. For a $10 ticket, lucky winners will have the opportunity to win prizes which enable them to “Take Flight” in either the literal sense as in a plane, gondola or on a zip-line, or, figuratively, to “fly up” to higher education opportunities with the help of $250 deposited into a new or existing Vermont Higher Education 529 savings account. Another prize is the chance to win a pair of name brand sunglasses. The odds of winning will be maintained at one-to-50 odds and ticket sales will end March 28.

The SBHS class of ‘67 continues to mentor and support the current class of 2017. For four consecutive January exam periods, these alumni have provided goodie bags with healthy snacks and words of encouragement just prior to exam week. The two classes have combined to field the Rebel Reach team, several dozen strong, at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s the last three Septembers. In addition, members of the class of ‘67 have served as volunteers at the SBHS Job/Expo each April and the SBHS Iverson Rebel Relay girls’ invitational track meet each May, as well as serving as community representatives for sophomore presentations.

The SBHS 1967 alumnus thank their many generous sponsors for making the raffle possible. For more information, contact alumni support coordinator Joanne Abate at 802-652-7548 or email