Teachers Jeffery Hagstrom and Jill Wilkens were named Unsung Heroes by the Saint Michael's College Teacher Recognition Program by former students who are in their first year at the college.

Teachers Wilkens and Hagstrom Named Unsung Heroes

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Thursday January 31, 2013

South Burlington teachers Jill Wilkens and Jeffrey Hagstrom were named Unsung Heroes by the Saint Michael’s College Teacher Recognition Program. The teachers were nominated by former students who are now first-year students at Saint Michael’s College.

Jill Wilkens of South Burlington High School was named by Kate Gleason, who said:

I had the privilege of having Mrs. Wilkens for Algebra 2 my junior year, during a time when I was missing a lot of school for various reasons, and Mrs. Wilkens  would voluntarily come to my house after school and teach me what I had missed, would even sit with me there while I was taking a test. She takes the time to connect with every student on at least one premise, and any student could go to her for help with their math—whether or not she was their teacher. Her passion for teaching was very evident, and she took the time to make sure that we understood what she was teaching, no matter how long it took to explain. I remember on Halloween, when most teachers will give you a piece of candy in exchange for undivided attention in class that day, Mrs. Wilkens handed out Halloween-themed pencils, so that we could celebrate learning specifically on this  day. The little things she did to help make learning Algebra fun will be forever appreciated. I look back on that year as my favorite math class that I have taken, and if I had not had Mrs. Wilkens for my teacher, I don’t think I would be able to say this. Thanks!

Jeffrey Hagstrom of South Burlington High School was named by Kristin Benoit, who said: Mr. Hagstrom was by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. He made learning fun in a way that encouraged students to participate, and was always there if you needed extra help. He also treats his students like adults, and speaks to them like equals.

“We feel very fortunate to have these students as members of our community,” said Jerry Flanagan, SMC Vice President for Admission and Enrollment Management.

SOURCE: Saint Michael’s College