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Thursday September 06, 2012

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” (Chinese Proverbs) And teaching for a lifetime is exactly what students Neel Desai, Matt Gilmartin, Raihan Kabir and Vishnu Premsankar spent their summer doing. Technology for Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization founded by this group of young adults at South Burlington High School, wrapped up their series of free summer technology education workshops in August on a positive note with roaring feedback.

From logging onto a computer and typing for the first time, to finding old friends on Facebook, having video conversations with family members, and creating financial spreadsheets, all with a personal instructor guiding them every step of the way, attendants of the workshops developed skills in a manner that drove the lesson home. Coming into the workshop nervous, anxious, and maybe even worried, attendees felt welcome and left the class laughing—gleaming with confidence, curiosity, and courage.

As word of these classes spread throughout Vermont, and as the turnout increased after each class, Senator Patrick Leahy joined Technology for Tomorrow in a workshop via video conference from Washington, D.C. to talk about technology in Vermont, and what he’s doing to promote it, commenting on how he’s extremely pleased with what Technology for Tomorrow has done. By the end of the summer, there were over 100 unique guests of the community in attendance of the summer workshops, all of whom were satisfied and asked about their plans after the summer series.

“We need people like this in our lives and I’m so happy they’re here,” comments local senior citizen Helen Stoddard. Amazed by how much of an impact they had on the community this summer, and seeing the potential of how successful this can become in the future, the students that started the program will be continuing classes throughout the fall and winter in two-hour long monthly seminars, completely free, from this September until February 2013. Classes will cover the following topics: Connecting with Friends and Family, Office Applications, Home Media Management, Buying a Computer: PC and Mac, and (for the first time) Safe Shopping Online.

Join them in their first technology seminar on Thursday, September 27th from 5 to 7pm in the South Burlington Community Library Conference Room. Technology for Tomorrow is here to help the community, so why not seize the opportunity? Just facing technology is half the battle. To register for a class or to contact Technology for Tomorrow with any questions, visit their website at, call (802) 508-0835, or email

The schedule is as listed below.

• Connecting with Friends and Family (Thursday 9/27 from 5p to 7p)

• Safe Shopping Online (Thursday 10/18 from 5p to 7p)

• Office Applications 101 (Thursday 11/15 from 5p to 7p)

• Buying a Computer: PC or Mac? (Thursday 12/20 from 5p to 7p)

• Office Applications 101 (Thursday 1/17 from 5p to 7p)

• Connecting with Friends and Family (Thursday 2/21 from 5p to 7p)

SOURCE: Tech for Tomorrow