Students in Orchard Elementary School’s third grade class try their hand at papermaking.

Test Prep Made Fun

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Thursday October 31, 2013

As students were getting ready to take their first NECAP exams, they read an informational paragraph on how to make paper. Third grade teacher Mrs. Bahrenburg introduced them to the idea. They then wrote their own procedural pieces and many expressed interest in trying out the process. With a little help from parents and fellow teachers, supplies were provided.

Students buckled down to the task of tearing newspaper into small bits, mixing it with water to make a pulp, and then used screens to set the pulp into a paper form.

Individuals assumed roles of team leader, materials manager and direction reader to help their groups successfully produce their own handmade paper.  After completing the task, students have a little more appreciation for what goes into making a sheet of paper and are excited to put it to good use.