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Wednesday December 23, 2015

The final year of high school is considered the most memorable. So why not use it to give back to the community? That is what two seniors at South Burlington High School (SBHS) are doing to make their year the best yet. Noa Saunders and Molly Burke are taking on the Senior Challenge, an academic capstone program offered for students in grade 12 to develop a project that explores an area of interest they feel passionate about. 

When asked about why they wanted to take on the challenge, they responded wholeheartedly. “I chose to do the challenge because I want to give back to South Burlington,” said Saunders. “Through my production company, Spotted Pup Productions, I put on a musical and a showcase every year. I know other students have shown interest in wanting to put on their own one-night events, so I decided that I could help in providing a how-to guide based on my [upcoming] showcase in the spring.” 

Burke also replied positively. “I chose to do the challenge because from being on the blood drive team last year, I realized how important giving back is and how much work needs to be put into an event such as a blood drive. I wanted a different senior year experience, and with the Senior Challenge, I was able to get it.”
Saunders’ guide will include instructions on how an individual can plan and execute a successful event, as well as sample communication with non-profit organizations and potential sponsors. She says this guide will help her organize the process into a documented form that will hopefully benefit future students. 

Burke’s challenge will be taking the helm of this year’s Best Ever Community Blood Drive on January 26. “For my project, I am going to social media in order to promote the event and boost the number of donors. I am using Facebook and Twitter to promote the blood drive and I am researching social media strategies and creating an editorial calendar, which lays out an outline for what and when to post. My team is called the Bloodtastic Rebels. Everyone should follow us on Twitter (@bloodtasticrebs) and like us on Facebook.”

The two also encourage other students to take on the Senior Challenge, as it will benefit them in the future. Burke agrees with Saunders sentiment, “It’s not an easy course, and requires a lot of work outside of school, but it is definitely worth the effort.”

SOURCE: Kailei Eustis, SBHS CDC Correspondent