The members of SBHS CCS gather for a group photo.

The World of CCS: SBHS Students Active in Service Organization

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Thursday February 25, 2016

Many people in the community know about the South Burlington High School Career Development Center (CDC) and all the wonderful work it does. One South Burlington High School (SBHS) club that is sponsored by the CDC and is avidly involved with the community is the Coalition for Community Service (CCS). The club focuses on supporting the community through different volunteering opportunities. Kiran Waqar, the External Secretary of CCS, comments that through CCS she has taken many opportunities to aid others, including Growing Kids South Burlington and Feed My Starving Children.

Over 170 SBHS students, who are keen on being actively involved within the community, are members of CCS. Michaela Sobczak, the Physical Marketing Officer, has been a member for one and a half years and describes CCS as “altruistic.” The club is always eager to lend a helping hand to different organizations or even a single person. Mehul Shah, the Internal Co-Vice President, says he decided to join CCS because it was an amazing club. He liked that it allowed him to see the different organizations where students could volunteer. The work CCS does ranges from tutoring to volunteering at large scale events such as the Polar Express and the Make a Wish Foundation.

CCS is also a great way for students to gain insight on a possible future career path or even a permanent volunteering area. Moreover, the club enables students to become active members of their community. Frankie Karnedy, the Digital Marketing Officer of CCS, commented that she would highly recommend CCS to students, “You get a ton of community service hours and make a lot of connections with people in the community.”

CCS is a great club that all SBHS students should join. Those interested should attend the next meeting or check out the CCS Facebook page. As Chelsea Wright, the Vice President of External Relations, says, “CCS is a wonderful opportunity and can open so many doors for students. Many people do not think that they will have the time to participate in CCS events, but there are so many activities on the agenda each month to choose from that in my opinion, there is something for everyone.”

SOURCE: Zaneta Sulley, SBHS CDC Correspondent