Japanese exchange students on tour at Ben & Jerry’s.

TIE Japan 2016

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Thursday April 14, 2016

In late March, 18 Japanese students arrived in Vermont as part of The International Experience (TIE) program at South Burlington High School (SBHS). TIE offers SBHS students the opportunity to visit other countries for several weeks and in turn, to host students from these countries as they visit the United States. The Japanese students, many of whom are experiencing their first international trip, had a taste of American high school life while at SBHS.

While in Vermont, the visiting students participated in Japanese classes at the high school and at UVM and visited Orchard Elementary School. They enjoyed Vermont products like maple syrup and took in a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Waterbury. During the last few days, the group also gave presentations on Japanese traditional games and culture throughout the high school.

“I’m so excited!” Aidan Seipke said to SBHS Japanese teacher, Sinyoung Ra Evans. His family was one of the host families for the visiting students. Seipke will participate in TIE Japan 2016 when, along with fellow SBHS students, he travels to Japan this summer.

SBHS offers TIE programs for France, Germany, and Spain in addition to the one for Japan.