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Thursday September 22, 2011

Despite some rainy weather, a good number of folks came out September 15th to celebrate the official opening of the Tilley Drive-Technology Park recreation path connection.   South Burlington was honored to have Governor Peter Shumlin present, as well as many of the individuals at the state and local level involved with the project.  The connection was conceived in 2005 and made possible through a Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) Enhancement Grant.  A summary of the history and photographs of the stages of construction was presented at the ceremony.  This facility has demonstrated that it is truly a multi-functional asset to the community, offering wonderful views of the wetlands and mountains accessed from the path.

In her welcoming remarks, City Council Chair Sandy Dooley stated, “The Governor supports our belief in providing opportunities for various forms of recreation—in this case walking, running, and biking for health and physical fitness, as well as enabling connections by providing routes for alternative forms of transportation for commuters.  This connection provides it all, even connecting businesses in the area and providing a lunch break for people to get out and enjoy a wonderful Vermont day and the nature and beauty of the surroundings this site has to offer.  We certainly appreciate the Governor’s willingness to join us today as we celebrate the official opening of this vital connection, more than five years in the making.”

As a special part of the ceremony, Dooley announced that the City Council has officially designated this segment of the path as “Lou’s Crossing”, in honor of resident Lou Bresee, long-time member of the Recreation Path Committee and Project Manager for this connection.

Part of the tribute to Lou included the following:

“Lou is an active and vibrant member of our South Burlington community, and avid biker.  Under Lou’s chairmanship, the Recreation Path Committee developed several phases of recreation path segments, which has resulted in 20+ miles of path, the largest of any community in the state.  Lou has also helped administer several AOT Enhancement Grants, worked closely with all the folks involved with bike and pedestrian safety and standards at the state level, and served as the project manager for the city for this $200,000 enhancement grant.

As a former engineer for GE, Lou brings a great deal of expertise and leadership to the committee.  Retirement years for Lou have been filled with an incredible amount of volunteer hours for causes he feels strongly about, and his passion for getting things done, and the city and the recreation path system have benefited tremendously from his efforts.”

To paraphrase just a part of the inscription on the sign: “It was Lou’s foresight and diligence that saw the project to completion, on time and within budget.  Generations of bikers, walkers, runners, and nature lovers will enjoy the convenience and natural beauty of LOU’S CROSSING”.

The Recreation Path Committee would also like to thank several of the local businesses in the Tech-Park area for providing refreshments for the celebration, Ben & Jerry’s and Sugarsnap goodies enjoyed by all.

SOURCE: SB Rec. Dept.