The race route took Rosowsky past one of Rotterdam’s most iconic architectural landmarks, the Erasmus Bridge, which is the second largest in the Netherlands.

Top 10 Finish for Rosowsky in World Championship Triathlon

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Thursday September 28, 2017

Michelle Rosowsky competed in the Triathlon Age Group World Championships in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, September 17, placing seventh among females age 50 to 54. The Olympic-distance triathlon included a 1.5-kilometer swim in Rotterdam’s Maas River, a 40-kilometer bike ride winding through city streets and over three of Rotterdam’s landmark bridges, and a 10K park run. It was Rosowsky’s third time competing in triathlon age group world championships, having placed 28th in her division in London, England, in 2013, and 13th in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2012. Rosowsky qualified for the event at the U.S. national championships in Omaha, Nebraska last August.

Rosowsky, who described the race day as perfect, said, “I was hoping for a top-10 finish, so I was thrilled with seventh place in this competitive field. The course suited me well and I definitely gave it my best effort.”

In the running stage of the triathlon, Rosowsky recounts being locked in a duel with a competitor from the Netherlands. “She ran on my shoulder for the entire 10K and then sprinted past me in the finish chute. We were both exhausted! She actually apologized after we crossed the line, but I wasn’t the least bit bitter. The drama of it added to the day, and I laid down my best run split in years!”

A resident of South Burlington, Rosowsky says she loved being in Holland. Since her mother is Dutch, many family members attended the event to cheer her on. She says, “Being able to race there was a thrill. I had a huge smile on my face all day.”

The amount of time and discipline for an athlete to train can be daunting. But Rosowsky reports the efforts are worth it. “On days like this, where the joy and excitement of racing are at a peak, and the results are good, it’s so rewarding.”

What’s next for the triathlete, mom, and business strategist? Rosowsky next races in the Lakes Region Triathlon a little closer to home, in New Hampshire. After that, this season is over. “I’m usually pretty depressed for a while as I wean off the excitement of racing, but I need the break and enjoy it. I usually still exercise every day in the off-season, but only for enjoyment and on no particular schedule.” She adds, “I always wonder if I’ll have the motivation to ramp back up again, but by about February, I’m always raring to go again.”