Noah Driscoll and Lexi Shaw with Governor Shumlin

“Town Hall With the Governor”

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Thursday February 21, 2013

Vermont Public Television held its latest “Town Hall With the Governor” broadcast and webcast on Thursday, Jan. 31, and students from South Burlington were part of the studio audience.  The governor took questions from the audience, as well as from viewers who called and emailed.

Among studio audience members who asked questions were Lexi Shaw, a student at South Burlington High School, and Noah Driscoll, a student at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School.  Driscoll got a laugh, then a candid answer from Gov. Shumlin when he asked, “How do you keep from being stressed all the time?”  The governor said he doesn’t easily get worked up about things— and that he exercises regularly.

Chuck Pizer, community engagement director at Vermont Public Television and a resident of South Burlington said, “The students added both energy and substance to the program.  They learn from VPT and we learn from them.”

SOURCE: Vermont Public Television