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Thursday March 06, 2014


City Council

Meaghan Emery (1,512, 51.24%) defeated Mike Simoneau  (1,439,48.76%) for a two year term.

Pam Mackenzie  (1,427, 48.44%) defeated Tracey Harrington (1,090, 37%) and Paul Engels (429, 14.56%) for a three year term.


School Board

Julie Beatty was re-elected for a three-year term.

Dan Fleming was elected for a two-year term.


City Clerk

Donna Kinville was re-elected for a one-year term.


Water Commissioner

Dennis Lutz was elected as Water Commissioner.


Town Meeting Voting Results

3,055 Ballots Cast

• 24.37% of Registered SB Voters

**based upon 12,534 current registered voters

City Article III – City Clerk Term

 Passed. 2,535 (88.45%) vote YES

(All districts voted in favor of  City Article III)

Shall the City Clerk’s term be three years, with the first three-year term commencing in 2015, in accordance with 17 V.S.A. § 2646(2)?

City Article IV – City Budget

 Passed. 1,842 (61.87%) vote YES

(All districts voted in favor of City Article IV)

Shall the City adopt the City Council’s proposed budget for FY2015 totaling thirty million, six hundred and ninety-six thousand, four hundred and twenty-three dollars ($30,696,423) of which it is estimated twelve million , two hundred and eleven thousand, four hundred and forty-four dollars ($12,211,444) will be raised by local property taxes? 

School Article II - School Budget 

 Passed. 1,567 (52.22%) vote YES

(Districts 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3 voted in favor of  School Article II; District 7-4 voted against)

Shall the voters of the City of South Burlington School District appropriate Forty Four Million Two Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven And 00/100 Dollars ($44,297,297.00) necessary for the support of its schools for the year beginning July 1, 2014?

School Article III – Bond

 Passed. 2,026 (68.56%) vote YES 

(All districts voted in favor of  School Article II)

Authorization To Use Unexpended Proceeds From The 2005 Series I General Obligation Bond Issue For School Improvement Projects

The South Burlington School Board proposes to use unexpended bond proceeds for the purpose of making capital improvements or additions to Frederick Tuttle Middle School (install elevator), South Burlington High School (replace elevator, refurbish first floor bathrooms, replace north and west windows, and repair southern sections of roof), and Chamberlin School (repair roof), at the estimated total project cost of $1,675,000.00.  No portion of this project will be eligible for state school construction aid because its (unit costs and/or allowable space) cause it to exceed the maximum cost for state participation under the state board of education’s formula for school construction. Therefore, the entire project shall be built at 100% school district cost without state participation.  The cost of the portion of construction which is ineligible under the formula is $1,675,000.00. Shall the voters approve use of the unexpended principal amount of the South Burlington School District 2005 Series I General Obligation Improvement Bond of One Million Six Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($1,675,000.00) to finance capital improvements and additions to Frederick Tuttle Middle School, South Burlington High School, and Chamberlin School?