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Thursday October 17, 2013

Bon Voyage! During Spring break 2014 a group of eighth and ninth grade French students will  be embarking on an 8 day trip to Paris, France.  The trip has been organized by FH Tuttle Middle School French teachers Martina Lemm and Barbara Gill.  The students will be seeing the sights of Paris and will take two trips outside of the city to Versailles and the Loire Valley.   When asked “Why Paris?”, they both answered a resounding “Why Not?  The kids have been asking for a trip for a long time”.  

French language students typically do not have an opportunity for travel or exchange programs in France until much later in high school.  “This type of trip changes kids” says Madame Gill.  In the beginning while they are learning the language “the words are words on the page and when you go to the country you experience the language beyond that, they understand the language, the culture, and the people”.  

To offset costs the students are engaging in various fundraising efforts.  For the month of October the students will be selling Holiday Wreaths, garlands and candles from Vermont Wreaths.   The wreaths are made from fresh balsam from the Northeast Kingdom by  a family owned business.  Wreaths can be either delivered to you or picked up the first week of December in time for the holiday season.  “The kids are really excited”. Wreaths can be purchased online at www.vermontcenterwreathsforagoodcause.com. When purchasing use the code fht-s which lets them know they are orders to support the French students  trip.