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Thursday August 18, 2011

South Burlington resident Courtney Kutler is a busy woman. The Executive Vice President of The Edge Sports and Fitness somehow manages to find the time to train for triathlons. She runs, swims and cycles 3 times a week. Why does Courtney do this? Simple—she’s training for the U.S. National Triathlons Championships that are coming to the area this week.   On August 20th, around 3,000 of the nation’s fittest athletes will converge on the Burlington waterfront to swim, cycle through South Burlington, and run along the bike path vying for the right to call themselves the best triathlete in the country and Courtney will be right there. She will be joined by about 500 other Vermonters.

Courtney began competing in triathlons about 6 years ago after watching her friends compete: “I started doing triathlons in 2006 after 6 years of running. I had done a lot of marathon training and I was hitting a mental and physical plateau. I had a few friends who raved about the excitement of triathlon, and I loved the idea of adding more variety to my training.”

She signed up for a Race Vermont triathlon in Shelburne and it’s been all training and work since as she describes in her workout regime, “I average 10–20 hours of training a week. I try to incorporate 3 swims, 3 runs, and 3 bike rides each week.”

With Nationals right around the corner, Courtney’s clearly excited. “I am very excited about Nationals. It took me three tries this year to qualify, and that was my main goal for the season. I can’t wait to have such an important national event right here in my hometown. I’m using this race as my “victory lap.”
But it means more than just the thrill of competition for her as she muses philosophically on the importance of the area hosting the USA Traithlon National Championships: “With Burlington hosting Nationals this year and in 2012, I think it will bring a greater awareness and increase the interest in triathlons. And,” she adds, “help stimulate the local economy, on a non-sporting level; I think this event will grow tourism in Vermont. There will be so many athletes and supporters from all across our nation coming to Burlington, and for many it will be their first visit. I know they will fall in love with our great city and beautiful state. They will come back for vacations and the word will spread about our wonderful community.” A sentiment we can all agree with.

Courtney also hopes the event will entice more people to compete, “I hope that this event will encourage even more people to do their first triathlon. “
So, join the thousands of spectators on the Burlington waterfront on August 20th to see some of the nation’s best athletes and cheer on some local triathletes, too.

SOURCE: Patrick Standen, Run Vermont