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Thursday March 26, 2015

City council met with Venue Nightclub owners March 16 for a continued discussion regarding terms for the club’s liquor license renewal. At a prior meeting, on March 5, Police Chief Trevor Whipple expressed concern about the high volume of recent calls to the police department, and recommended a number of security measures to improve safety.

Venue Nightclub owner Mike Couture agreed to comply with the conditions placed on his business’ liquor license. Professional training will be required for security staff, and servers must attend face to face training with the Department of Liquor Control to learn how to better identify patrons who should no longer be served alcohol. Couture will enforce the building’s occupancy limit of 230 patrons and continue to keep an active head count at all times. Additionally, Venue will notify the police chief or his designee of all shows happening at Venue at least seven days in advance; if there is concern for patron or officer safety based on past performances, officer coverage may be mandated at the club’s expense. The SBPD would provide two off duty officers at an hourly rate of $46 each.

“A lot of these [steps]we do already, but we could do them better, ” Couture said. He went on to say that he had already enhanced the lighting at the entrance, and has been using a state of the art ID scanner. He also provided an example of an easily identifiable shirt worn by staff members.

Couture also mentioned that there has been some confusion about how to comply with both DLC and police department expectations. He requested a joint meeting with Whipple and representatives from the DLC in order to get clarity going forward. Chief Whipple said that the police are happy to participate in a meeting, but they do not provide staff training.

After hearing from both Couture and Whipple, the council unanimously approved an amendment to the 2014 first class restaurant/bar license to sell malt and vinous beverages to M and K Enterprises DBA Venue.

Chair Pat Nowak said, “We hope this allows you to have a good business.”

SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent