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Thursday August 11, 2016

The Vermont Primary drew a higher than expected number of South Burlington voters to the polls on Tuesday, August 9. The city’s three polling locations were busy throughout the day, with citizens voting right up until polls closed at 7 p.m. Thirty-three percent of the 12,942 voters on the city’s checklist cast their ballots. Absentee ballots accounted for 997 of the 4,333 total votes.

Voters were given three ballots, Democratic, Republican, and Progressive, with instructions to choose only one for voting. A separate ballot was issued for Article 1, the city’s Bond for Acquisition of Communications Equipment and Technology. South Burlington voters cast 2,900 Democratic ballots, 1,420 Republican ballots, and 13 Progressive ballots.

Of the contested races on the Democratic ballot, 2,498 voted for Leahy, over 272 for Ericson for U.S. Senator. In the Governor’s race, Minter collected 1,673 votes, over Dunne (907), Galbraith (184), Ericson (21), and Paige (15). For Lt. Governor, there were 1,221 votes cast for Zuckerman, 1,014 for Smith, and 563 for Ram. For State Treasurer, incumbent Pearce, with 1,551 votes, rose above Dunne’s 972 votes. For Attorney General, Donovan received 2,416 votes to Paige’s 214.

There were 11 Democrats running for the six State Senator - Chittenden County spots on the ticket. The total votes from all of Chittenden County advanced Ashe, Baruth, Ingram, Lyons, Pearson, and Sirotkin to the top of the list. South Burlington votes, however, were as follows: Sirotkin (2,008), Ashe (1,906), Lyons (1,787), Baruth (1,323), Ingram (1,107), Scherr (1,097), Pearson (1,058), Gill (1,106), Ellis (887), Meyers (416), Cook (311).

The ticket for Governor was the only contested race on the Republican ballot. South Burlington voters cast 770 votes for Lisman, and 648 for Scott. However, tallies from across the state named Scott as the winner of the GOP nomination.

There were five votes for Progressive Party candidate for Lt. Governor, Wardinski.

The city voted voted resoundingly in favor of Article 1 (3,252 in favor, 906 opposed),a bond for $1.9 million for public safety upgrades.