Students writing away during the 4th Annual Vermont Writes Day.

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Thursday March 07, 2013

Chamberlin School joined almost 100 Vermont schools around the state who participated in the fourth annual Vermont Writes Day.  Sponsored by the Young Writers Project, staff and students were encouraged to write for 7 minutes as a school community.  An emphasis on writing in VT schools corresponds with an increase in our state NECAP scores.  Michael Hock, director of educational assessment at the state Education Agency, said in a released statement that writing is the bright spot in this year’s results. “The importance of writing skills cuts across all areas of the curriculum.  For example, we know that our most successful schools have writing programs that focus on all content areas, even math and science. The impact of these programs is consistently evident in those schools’ test scores.”  Chamberlin school scored well above the 5th grade state score of 51% and increased from 55% in 2011 to 66% in 2012.  “Our focus on authentic writing experiences creates a culture of writers beginning in kindergarten.  There is a shared belief in the importance of writing in all content areas, and teachers are giving students more opportunities to communicate their knowledge through writing with the use of technology,” states Chamberlin Principal Holly Rouelle.  Immediately following morning announcements, a quietness overcame the school as students and staff in grades K-5 picked up their pencils, felt pens, paper, writer’s notebooks, laptops, and journals and wrote for 7 minutes.  Students were astonished by how quickly the time passed, as one student exclaimed, “that was too short!”  This is Chamberlin’s second year participating in Vermont Writes Day.

SOURCE:  Chamberlin School