Left to right: President of South Burlington Rotary P.J. Pfeifenberger, SB Veteran’s Memorial Project Committee members: Chair Jay Zaetz, Rick Farnham and Lisa Levite

Veterans Memorial Nears Goal

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Thursday July 11, 2013

At the July 1st City Council meeting Interim Deputy City Manager Tom Hubbard announced that a $9,000 donation had been received for the construction of the South Burlington Veterans Memorial, which means the project is getting that much closer to being built. The memorial will be located  in Dorset Park and will consist of three separate structures placed around a “Pathway of Honor” to honor the veterans of all wars and create a place to provide a meaningful experience to visitors. According to the Veterans Memorial Committee, the project received an additional $5,000 donation from the South Burlington Rotary Club raised through the Rotary’s Annual Golf Tournament. With these recent major contributions totaling $14,000, the amount left to be raised comes in at under $10,000 for the $170,000 project.

The committee will continue to accept ongoing orders for pavers. There has been a slight price increase because it will now cost the committee more to purchase pavers, and there will be an added expense to replace the blank bricks with the engraved pavers.  New cost for the pavers will be $100 for a 4x8 brick and $200 for an 8x8 brick.  Pavers may be purchased at the Recreation Office, or contact Lisa Levite at 860-1506.  

According to a release from the Veterans Memorial Committee, “Vermonters understand the sacrifices made by every United States Veteran. Veterans are the selfless who give up what we cherish most to fight for something bigger than themselves.  Residents of South Burlington are raising funds to build a Memorial to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty and celebrate those who arrived home safely, or are currently serving.” 

Want to help? You can contribute to the South Burlington Veterans Memorial Fund at www.sbremembers.org. The committee is also soliciting donations to assist with the landscaping for the project such as trees, shrubs, flowers and plants.  If you’d like to assist with this part of the project, please contact Rosemary Perkett at 658-1850.
SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent