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Thursday September 10, 2015

Whether it’s a gorgeous sunset over Lake Champlain, the fiery glow of the green Mountains during foliage, or dazzling snowflakes blanketing windy backroads, there are countless ways Vermont’s beauty hooks our attention--but how many of us can capture those moments on paper or canvas?

Robert Vogel can. At 93, the local artist uses the spirit of Vermont as his muse for his watercolor paintings. After sailing here in 1946 from New York, Vogel has had time to experience Vermont’s changes and constants, drawing inspiration from the average day to the years of driving down backgrounds on the weekends.

View 12 works by Vogel at Harpers Restaurant at the Holiday Inn, 1068 Williston Rd., South Burlington, through October 31, or visit the Red Mill in Jericho where his work will be displayed through the end of September. All large watercolors are matted and framed in glass and are for sale.

Beyond watercolor, Vogel’s history also unveils a life of a commercial artist, a pilot, an avid sailor, skier, dancer, and all-around life-enthusiast. Learn more about Vogel’s story in an upcoming edition of The Other Paper.