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Webb Joins Mercy Connections

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Thursday October 03, 2013

Mercy Connections is pleased to announce that Kathy Webb of South Burlington has joined their team as Director of Education and Transition Programs.  Webb has long-term ties to Mercy Connections and believes in the strong sense of community and kindness that helps to support positive change.

Webb, formerly the Coordinator of the Women’s Small Business Program in 2000 and a volunteer for the organization, has returned to Mercy Connections full time as the Director of Education and Transition Programs.  Webb brings extensive experience in non-profit and educational instruction as well as work in the corporate world as an independent contractor conducting training seminars.  

Webb looks forward to combining her non-profit and education experience at Mercy Connections where she says there is a “strong sense of community that supports people so that they can make positive changes in their lives. It’s also deeply meaningful to be a part of the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy.”  She lives in South Burlington with her partner.

Mercy Connections is an educational values-driven non-profit organization living the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy with an enduring concern for women. By compassionately nurturing self sufficiency through education, mentoring and community, people are empowered to make significant life changes.