Ana Lucia Camposeco Jacobs (right) of South Burlington, new US citizen formerly of Guatemala, registers to vote with volunteers from the Vermont League of Women Voters.

Welcome to Vermont’s Newest Citizens

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Thursday October 17, 2013

Federal Judge John Conroy greets new citizen Chris Irving formerly of Jamaica to the US, as Field Office Director Jean Tharpe, Rice Memorial High School Principal Monseignor Bernard Bourgeois and US Marshal David E. Deag look on.

South Burlington resident Federal Judge John Conroy administered the oath of allegiance to the new citizens at a Naturalization Ceremony held at Rice Memorial High School in South Burlington Monday, October7. Twenty-five applicants from eighteen countries became new citizens in a ceremony Conroy called “a celebration of freedom.”  Volunteers with the Vermont League of Women Voters were also on hand to help the new citizens register to vote, one of the most important rights bestowed with citizenship.