The South Burlington Friends of the Arts (SBFA) hosts its second annual gala Saturday, March 23, 6 p.m. The gala’s goal is to celebrate the arts, bring the community together, and raise funds for a need-based scholarship for students pursuing the arts. Held at the new Delta by Marriot Hotel, formerly Trader Dukes, 1117 Williston Road, SBFA organizers say the event boasts a powerful set of talented individuals on the program.

“It’s the perfect opportunity for a great night out with your significant other, or to bring the whole family out to enjoy the arts for the evening,” said event chair Patrick Leduc. “You’ll be able to see and take in a variety of music and artwork that will just blow you away.”

Initiated by a small group of individuals, the gala will offer more than 10 professionals in the visual and performing arts ready to share the stage and the easel with 20 high school students in a casual yet sophisticated format.

The gala features performances by Dono Schabner, Colin McCaffrey, and Allison Fay Brown. In addition, visual artists Monica Baumann, Mark Eliot Schwabe, and Mimi Magyar will be on hand. Leduc shares that others on the program include Freeman Corey, House Dunn, Gregg Jordon, Krista Verriotto, Kathleen Grant, and Andria LoveJoy, as well as student performers.

“This is a great opportunity to support our students in their pursuit of the arts, celebrate the work of both professional and student performers and artists, and come together as a community to explore the richness of our cultures, experiences, similarities, and differences” Leduc said. “A community in which the arts are alive and supported is a more attractive one to potential new residents. Students involved in the arts learn new ways to think creatively, build interpersonal ties and engage more actively in volunteer and civic matters. And any time we can bring our community together, it strengthens our neighbor to neighbor bonds.”

Leduc noted that the gala is “billed as a classy event” with hors d’oeuvres served butler style and a cash bar. Tickets are $20 each, $10 for students, and available at by visiting the Facebook page South Burlington Friends of the Arts or purchased at the door.

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