Come Join the Fun

SB Mentoring young leaders, mentors, and volunteers from the South Burlington School District, South Burlington High School, South Burlington Recreation Department, South Burlington Community Library, South Burlington Police Department, and South Burlington Fire Department gathered for games, crafts, food, and fun at the annual SB Mentoring Celebration.

Are you a parent/guardian of a South Burlington High School (SBHS) graduate looking for a way to remain connected to the schools? Are you a retiree living in South Burlington interested in becoming more involved in the community? Are you a young professional seeking a meaningful volunteer opportunity?

SB Mentoring, the school-based mentoring program of the South Burlington School District, is searching for caring, respectful adults to join the SB Mentoring program as a mentor to allow young people in grades K-9 to discover their “sparks:” their passions and interests. According to the Search Institute, research shows “that kids who thrive have two important supports: knowledge of what their sparks are and adults who support the development of those sparks.”

Entering its sixth year, SB Mentoring has grown to become a community of 110 including 55 young people and 55 mentors. The program is active in Chamberlin, Orchard, Rick Marcotte Central, and F.H. Tuttle Middle Schools, and will begin at SBHS this fall. For more information on the process for becoming a mentor and a “spark igniter,” please contact Healthy Schools Coordinator Susie Merrick at 652-7035 or

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